BAMBI LIVE ACTION: A new home for Swartwitpens
It's a beautiful morning in the wild, with all sorts of deer and antelope decorating the wild. Marius Mooikasteel takes a look at the messages left to him on his phone, and one of them is from Mike Cornfly, dressed as somebody very much injured to the point of being wrapped in bandages from head to toe. This refers to a previous accident that befell Marius when he was run over by a car and couldn't make videos, and Mike Cornfly wanted him to. So, having recovered a lot, Marius made this video. Mike Cornfly responded later that the opening of this video reminds of Bambi, hence the title Bambi Live Action. Then starts the story of the Swartwitpens, who along with another, gets darted in order to be moved to a new home.


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