EENDAG 1/01: People and animals mysteriously go missing!
Welcome to our story! Eendag tells the life journey of young robot designer Kevin Sweefarend, and the life he lives on Leeukopkraal. One day his father leaves him a message saying Kevin has to go and guard the sheep, since people's livestock have started vanishing without a trace. Not only livestock, but also people. It's a mystery where they all went. Kevin's popstar singer brother also seems to have started getting weird inspirations for songs involving somebody ordering him around in his sleep. Meanwhile his sister has been cast as a news anchor for the local TV station, and his mother has been writing a delighful musical about a woman who has a relationship with a flower. Quite the talented bunch this family. Unfortunately for Kevin, while he is in the veld looking after the sheep, Majoor Blaffinski, his white fluffy friend back home, rips his new robot plan to shreds. Naughty doggy! See EENDAG on Eendag.Mobi.


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