EENDAG 1-02: The Better World Project, an evil ideology?
Kevin comes home from guarding the sheep all day, to find that Majoor Blaffinski, his best furry friend, has torn his robot plan for Robbie 2 to shreds. Nothing left to save there. So Kevin decides he'll just go work on the roof of the house and keep his robot plans inside a little suitcase, where Majoor Blaffinski cannot get to it. He decides to change the plan anyway, to rather create a robot that can help with the sheepfarming and keep an eye on the sheep herd. Kevin then has to return to the sheep kraal dwelling to sleep there for the night. He reads some more of his favorite book, "Snuf Blaffelaar Visits Elektopia" before he falls asleep. Barend Sweefarend the pop star is visited by some kind of demonic creature in his dream. The creature wants him to be his emmisary. Kevin is awakened at night, and learns of The Better World Project, some kind of ideology that reeks of evil. He and Snuifie then have to deal with a sheep thief, coming to confiscate the sheep. See EENDAG on Eendag.Mobi.


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