EENDAG 1-03: The kidnapping of Majoor Blaffinski
Malman Uys and his artificially intelligent computer KIR are discussing their intentions of taking over the world. Malman Uys is still sour that the popstar and local superstar Barend Sweefarend Junior doesn't want to be his emmissary to spread subtle messages of evil to the world through his music. Meanwhile Kevin and Snuifie manage to arrest the sheep thief, Niervreter, that has been plaguing them. But on another day, Majoor Blaffinski gets kidnapped and what's worse, it seems Snuifie, who helped Kevin to catch the sheep thief, is now actually working for the very evil that has kidnapped Majoor Blaffinski. Is Snuifie one of the puppets of evil now? Fortunately Kevin's father has sent a new guy, Daggasuiper, to come and help out with the sheep. Daggasuiper helps Kevin look for Majoor Blaffinski, and fight Niervreter and Snuifie. See EENDAG on Eendag.Mobi.


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