EENDAG 1-04: A Little Loyalty, the drug that turns good people evil
Right after hiding Majoor Blaffinski inside an old delapidated building, Snuifie runs right into Kevin and Daggasuiper. Immediately Snuifie goes crazy in order to evade them. Kevin tries to grab Snuifie and reason with him, but Daggasuiper punches Snuifie right in the face and Snuifie falls on the ground. Snuifie is screaming like a mad person. So weird. Why is he seemingly working for Evil now? Snuifie gets more aggressive until Kevin and Daggasuiper knock him out. When they carry Snuifie away, Majoor Blaffinski cries for help and Kevin finds him. They put Snuifie in the Shepherd's Dwelling while Kevin calls for help on the phone. Suddenly Snuifie grabs Daggasuiper by the throat and a whole fiasco plays out. Eventually Snuifie falls off a tower and is dead for all intents and purposes. Somewhere else, Malman Uys is brewing up some magical potion from which he manufactures a drug called A Little Loyalty. He believes it will help him take over the world. It's the same magical drug that he gave to Snuifie, and that is why Snuifie started doing Madman Uys' bidding. Next, Madman Uys plans to poison Daggasuiper with it in order to test out a test command: To steal money. Unfortunately Daggasuiper does it. Then, start the weird dreams and illusions. See EENDAG on Eendag.Mobi.


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