EENDAG 1-05: Nightmares!
Daggasuiper is still having "A Little Loyalty"-induced nightmares. This time he thinks he's awake, finding himself in the shepherd's dwelling where Kevin is counting his money and realising Daggasuiper stole of it. But he must realise he's not awake when Majoor Blaffinski suddenly speaks and accuses him of stealing the money. Daggasuiper panics and flees out the door, only to find himself in a wonderland full of horrid nightmarish things that finally drive him over the edge. Meanwhile, Madman Uys and KIR are discussing the robot plans that they managed to steal from Kevin. Madman Uys decides that he'll remove any attribution to Kevin, and put Muyz's name on it as the author and designer. It's a project he believes could work for Muyz to prove himself. In another part of the world, Miss T.V. Beeldradio is overtly excited, because she's flying back to Leeukopkraal in order to become a news anchor on television. Kevin now has to guard the sheep all alone, and isn't having a good night because something evil is brewing.


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